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    Superhero Capes Girls game company in China, but also superhero capes girls become the world s first Fang Hong said I will wait for you to come back, this next good, we strong combination, the myth of the company will certainly be leap style development Yan Hongsheng nodded and said That is superhero capes girls for sure, yes, you tell me, now the company what is the problem I have to pay attention. Fang Cheong expected that he would ask, the prepared answer to say it again, and finally summed up On the whole, those small flaws can be ignored. On the two big problems, one is the shareholders of the hands of the shares Too much, blindly intervene in the company thing.Finally, the vice minister of the Ministry of Technology character bad, I think such a person should not be placed in the company, or may leak company secrets. Yan Hongsheng thinking for a while, said equity thing, now my father is the idea, temporarily can not solve. Technology Department of the man is superhero capes girls how is it You as minister of personnel, can not directly expelled him Mention He Xiaofeng, Fang Hong can be considered a new force. He said You do not know, that boy wild way son, for the kids capes company.

    e seven layers, enough to a living superhero capes girls life and death. He Xiaofeng behind the white roses fans are also scared out a cold sweat, the roof is not one of their goddess it Now even want to jump off the floor, they are more anxious than anyone else, one by one in the downstairs shouting. Yang dream, do not jump ah Goddess, what things do not take things superhero capes girls too hard, we help you solve superhero capes baby There are a lot of girls went to the dormitory to move their bedding, padded with the sun in the vertical floor of the building, in fact, this time, there are already many girls go to kids capes boys the dormitory to move their bedding, superhero capes girls As a cushion. But this cushion and firefighters dedicated air cushion is different, ordinary people jumped down, even if the fall does not die, it may be broken off the foot, or superhero capes girls concussion, organs were crushed kids capes girls within the bleeding, in short, the effect is not big. The school s psychological teacher also came, and Xiang Ziying, who said You are her roommate, upstairs to persuade her, and then take her superhero capes girls not prepared to pull superhero capes kids her superhero capes girls down, superhero capes for party you know Xiang Ziying and others nodded, hurried on the floor. He Xiaofeng also.nt to break He Xiaofeng defense, He Xiaofeng seems to be able to anticipate his superhero capes girls idea, do not give him a chance. This is the ordinary people and He Xiaofeng different, ordinary people see is a fake action, and He superhero capes party Xiaofeng see pay power, from his actions can see his direction of superhero capes girls force, so in advance to defend him. Fu Chao heart also become tense up, this kid is too strange, and this defensive ability, can play NBA it. As a well known big kids capes star, if superhero capes and masks the game was a person who did not pass by the repression, and that face will be lost. Fu Chao glimpse of a team member ran over, gave up his idea of dribbling, direct pass, he left He Xiaofeng shot, basketball into a straight line fly out. May at this time, a figure from heaven, the ball lifted superhero capes girls the life Cow force Well Handsome The atmosphere of the field was instantly ignited, pay Chao did not react, the audience but see clearly. Fu super pass in the moment, He Xiaofeng a direct before the flip, from the top of the jump over the top of the jump, and then intercepted the ball The players are stunned on the field, they have seen countless basketball skill.

    Superhero Capes Girls s goal, with almost two years to complete this task Wang Shizi directly given their own recommendations. To be continued. 395 Star Entertainment Tang Sen stunned looking at Wang Shizi, a long while just did not speak out. Saying that his intention is really just put forward a video company to play, was Wang Shizi say this, it is not playing, and this is to do bigger and stronger rhythm ah, not only to buy a film company, but also engage in new movies , And even have their own cinema, so count down, this investment may be really big What is superhero capes girls it rich and powerful, that s it What is the pattern is big enough, that s it Are you serious Of course, this is not what you put out I just help you plan more reasonable. Remember that some people do something boring, to engage in engage in innovation. This is an innovation to attract the eye of the era To the eye you have a half So much of a big investment I can not play, how much shares you I am 20 superhero capes girls percent of the money, plus a mature technology solution, count my forty nine percent of the shares, the remaining fifty one is your, your company you call the.