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    Superhero Capes Children Set ncreased linearly, the company s mailbox is also more numerous mailbox, there are inquiries, there are congratulations, but also to seek cooperation. These things, He Xiaofeng are placed without treatment. Right now, only the eternal road really to seize the market, to prove the strength of the game, we do and superhero capes children set other companies to discuss cooperation matters. 10 pm, He Xiaofeng still busy in the office, a lot of documents waiting for him to deal with. He Xiaofeng for this, had to let the devil to help, to its intelligence to judge, and let it deal superhero capes children set with it. He Xiaofeng can not help but sigh, Fortunately, there is a drink month, all round secretary, superhero capes children set the company s things are mostly her solution, busy this array, have to superhero capes girls thank her about. City planes He uncle, Nether face Vampire people to send you a message, please look at the trading platform. At this time, a mechanical sound into the mind of He Xiaofeng. He superhero capes children set Xiaofeng spirit lifted, there is a superhero capes children set trade door And is the information contact, which proves that the other is at least two VIP traders, it means that the release of his blood treatment for the t.

    osphere within the superhero capes children set special kids capes boys operations. Who can think of, Wang Shizi even hope he will armor future is mainly in space combat line into a concept instilled to all future armor drivers. But also to simulate the space environment combat set as the main training mode. This really makes Chu Yuan superhero capes children set some can not understand. After all, human understanding of space is not too superhero masks much, according to the current Earth s technology, is far from developing to large scale space operations mode. How much will make Chu Yuan feel confused. I know that you will feel that my request is somewhat impractical, but as the best driver in the world, you are really willing to keep yourself confined to the atmosphere You see, we already know that the earth is so big The speed of the armor, 3.2 Mach flight, along the equator around superhero capes children set the earth a circle, but only about 10 hours, and our hybrid enough to support the armor continuous around the equator to fly two laps, that is, if the driver s body The quality of the powerful enough, coupled with the future we in the mezzanine cockpit to increase the protection of the driver more.ightly surprised today, Eric Schmidt so good to speak, and even did not seem to let him under superhero capes children set the superhero capes girls knife, kids superhero capes Wang Shizi did not have too much tangled, but a serious put forward their own conditions, First of all, the future of our automatic driving technology is embedded in the Beidou navigation system, if Google really want superhero capes children set to use the existing technology to cooperate with us, we must kids capes boys abandon the previous GPS navigation, switch to the Beidou navigation system. Wang Shizi made the first condition to make Eric Schmidt some trouble. With the superhero capes children set Beidou navigation replace GPS navigation, technically speaking, there is no big problem. Although navigation is an extremely important superhero capes children set part of autopilot, but with 2017 in the early 2018 with the last two positioning satellites sent to God, and now the Beidou navigation system has been almost the same with the GPS. But it is related to a promotion problem. There is no doubt that the popularity of the capes for kids pilots, if all equipped with Beidou navigation, will occupy the GPS superhero capes children set living space, and now the world s GPS equipment industry chain size has reached more than 200 bill.

    Superhero Capes Children Set s for the money, for Tang Sen now that really is not a problem.... The next day s rehearsal nothing to say, nothing more than the wedding process is about to go again. Guests naturally did not invite, but Tang Sen parents and Xiaoxi family relatives are all arrived at the scene. Wedding master of ceremonies is a well known host of the Chinese TV station, Tang Sen invited, the specific cost of how many Wang Shizi did not ask, anyway, Tang Sen is such a toss a pass, estimated that this wedding is a loss of money. After all, just a broadcast right to have toss out of more than two billion yuan, enough Tang Dun tossing, let alone invited so many guests, these people are always empty superhero capes children set hands. As for the ritual of course, there are some, but the money is back to the Xiaoxi relatives over there, these belong to their own people Well. As for the other guests, with the superhero capes for party words of Tang Sen, are head and face of the big man, the gift is too expensive, it is completely playing their face. Is it possible for someone else to play superhero capes and masks Of course not. So for most of the guests of the gift are some worthless small obj.