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    Superhero Capes Baby ns, we have to sign a contract with us Good news, ah, and quickly exposed superhero capes baby out superhero capes kids ah, which can create a sense of hope ah. Note that even Google is now with us Datang Si sub chip rather than large Tang Shizi technology to sign the contract, this news to make good face So Wang Shizi never thought that when he told the good news of Tang Sen, this cargo is not the first reaction is not so tight for the money and loose on the breath, but the blood of the thought of how to take this message Hype. In fact, really want to speculation directly to the Datang Shizi chip led by the superhero capes and masks for kids Union exposure to a greater sensation. But we have reached a consensus, before the conference, the news is also confidential, this can not be used. But then again, in the Datang Shizi chip will be held two days before the conference, suddenly exposed with Google talk about a large contract, really able to Bo eyeballs, at least let everyone next to the Datang Shizi chip to be released Products are more looking forward to. After all, Google s popularity is there, 1.5 billion is not a small number. Of course, playing face is superhero capes party superhero capes baby also ver.

    it. At the scene, in the Tang Sen that Wang Shizi to speak of the name superhero capes baby of the new star entertainment, to help Star Entertainment started Journey to the West hype the first shot, and began to introduce how to use this new film to use this virtual secretary People, Wang Shizi was not in accordance with the good plan Tang Sen expected a card, but standing in place to continue to speak. Well, on this secretary of the ring of products introduced to come to an superhero capes and masks end. Then we have to enter the next release time, and I want to introduce you to the new technology, is definitely...... If the words are not finished, they were disturbed by the noise of the audience. The background has not changed, the smart home is still neatly placed behind Wang Shizi Wang Shizi s expression has not superhero capes baby changed, to maintain a consistent kids capes boys indifferent, but then countless people is how the heart lying, there are still The Well, for the scene to keep superhero capes baby in front of the computer or mobile phone has begun to hang in the bracelet sales link to hang the official website of the first time to start buying superhero capes baby people, when Wang Shizi say such.w working every day mood, than the Qingming grave when the superhero capes baby heavy to come. Unfortunately, he has not found the opportunity. Let him worried that Wang Shizi this guy have to get married, he did not receive an superhero capes baby invitation. To superhero capes baby the wedding is not very interested in Wang Shizi, the key is that he must have a deep talk with Wang Shizi to be completely assured ah, at least to know the intention of this young man. In the minds of all kinds of mixed, his phone suddenly rang. Crisp ring tones let him wake up from the gods, listless pick up the phone, looked at the caller, the guy will immediately spirit up. The phone is naturally capes for kids called Wang Shizi, which really is to Cao Cao Cao Cao to. Do two deep breath, under the excitement and excitement of the emotions, Liu Chuan hsin this seriously face Wang Shizi s video request. Soon Wang Shi s virtual avatar appeared in his eyes, covered the superhero capes set of 7 color of the TV, you can see Wang Shizi is taking the time to fight over, he is leaning against the superhero capes baby back seat of the car, apparently in the hurry. Wang, what good things think of me Liu Chuanxin no modesty, take the initiativ.

    Superhero Capes Baby of kids capes for party the position superhero capes baby that certainly higher He Xiaofeng laughed You honor to Mars technology companies, so I am a small place Pong Piper ah Yehao hung shouted superhero capes baby superhero capes baby loudly voice boy, mixed with a good ah, let us go all the way to come to see you. He Xiaofeng sitting opposite them, capes for kids the items to drink their side tea. He Xiaofeng asked Ye uncle, may I ask these two is Yehao male as its name, although he had something because of her daughter before superhero capes baby the unhappy He Xiaofeng. But after all, He Xiaofeng saved Ye Lei, his attitude is also good some. He said The next of this, is the Office of the Office of the Office of Information Network Office Shao Xinzhi, and I next to this, is the National Security and Defense Bureau of Mr. Dou, they are specifically for your company s affairs Of course, including me. Although he did not introduce the specific identity of Mr. Dou, but the meaning is obvious, the identity of Mr. Dou is still on top of them. He Xiaofeng nodded, motioned himself to understand. Shao Xinzhi when they speak, they stopped the action on the hand. He is tall and tall, wearing a gentleman s eyes, looks.